How to care for your new tattoo.

-Remove bandage after 2-4 hours.

-Wash thoroughly, lathering and removing any excess ink with antibacterial soap and water.

-For the first 3 days apply a thin coat of Aquaphor or Original Vitamin A&D Ointment, 3 times a day.

-Repeat this process for the rest of your healing time with an unscented hand lotion such as Curel or Lubriderm.

Do Not expose your new tattoo to:


-Salt Water


-Animal Saliva

Healing process may take 2-3 weeks.

These are our suggestions on how you should care for your new tattoo. Please do not listen to what your friends say. As long as you follow the aftercare instructions which we will provide you with, you are guaranteed a great result.

Please keep in mind that your tattoo is an open wound so treat it as such.

Don't touch it with dirty hands. After washing pat it dry with a paper towel. Don't use a loofa or wash cloth on it.

If you have pets keep them away, exposing your fresh tattoo to animal saliva or hair can cause a serious infection. Clean bed sheets are suggested as well.

Be aware of your surroundings. Don't lay with your fresh tattoo on the dirty couch. Don't pick at it. Sometimes, depending on where the tattoo is, you may develop a scab, leave it alone and let it fall off on it's own. If you pick it you'll compromise the healing.

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